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killed by the servant. In spite of all that could
be done, the child died In a few hours.

When the canes are cut in Martinique, the
negroes cut round and round till a small clump
is left in the centre, into which all the snakes
have gradually retired; this is surrounded by
armed negroes, and set on fire. The snakes are
burnt or killed; but the immense extent of wood-
land renders it impossible to destroy the breed of
this horrid reptile.

Though St. Croix, from its bareness and culti-
vation, is not a good field to search in for wild
plants, still, by the road-side and in the hedges
is a great variety of pretty herbs and shrubs.
The waste part of the town is covered with the
four-leaved cruciform plant, called " four-o'clock."1
I don't know its botanic name; it is in all the hot-
houses in England, I gathered to-day a handful
of Jumbee beads. The colours of the weeds are
brilliant, especially the blues* of which I found a
beautiful water-plant.

When the British troops departed, the interim
between the hauling down our flags and raising
the Danish onesóbefore which the Danish troops
could not enterówas so long, that my reign as

i A species of passiflora that shuts up about that